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Jinan beisheim school environmental protection technology co., LTD

Engineering cases
Specializing in the production of ozone generator and after-sales service

【Areas of application】

Used for pharmaceutical clean workshop disinfection sterilization,Instead of ultraviolet irradiation and chemical fumigation,No secondary pollution,Rapid reduction without exhaust ventilation,Can be widely used in pharmaceutical factory clean areas、The food processing workshop、Electron optical clean workshop、Chemical workshop area clean air disinfection;Food workshop production water disinfection;Pure water、Mineral water and sanitation;Swimming pool water disinfection;Printing and dyeing and other chemical bleaching terminal such as water treatment of wastewater。

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    Jinan beisheim school environmental protection technology co., LTD(Ozone generator manufacturers)Is located in shandong quancheng jinan,The company is committed to the forefront of environmental protection equipment application technology research and promotion,Is a concentration of ozone generator and optical oxygen equipment research and development、Manufacturing、Sales and service as one of the international cutting-edge technology companies。Relevant business department was set up in the company、Functional departments,The technical department by experienced experts from various industries、Engineers,Has a modern research、Office、The experiment、Manufacture and other hardware and software facilities。
Beisheim school since its inception development environmental protection series products,Complete the more environmental protection engineering。Beisheim school owns a complete set of the desulfurization denitration dust removal technology at low temperature、Advanced oxidation process、Multipoint matrix channel governance process、Green food planting technology、Organic...

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Nantong hong fidelity wastewater decolorizing projects, chemical industry co., LTD

、Sewage treatment and process (A)、The definition of sewage treatment Sewage treatment is to point to use various methods to contained in wastewater pollution...

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