Baoji Jin Baoyu technology co., LTDIs a succinic acid、Succinic anhydride and its derivatives including maleic acid ester、Chemical intermediates as the main products of fine chemicals。Company products are: Succinic acid、Succinic anhydride、Succinic acid sodium、Succinic acid potassium、Butadiene imide、Succinic acid dimethyl、Succinic acid diethyl ester、Succinic acid dipropyl ester、Succinic acid diisopropyl ester、Succinic acid dibutyl、Succinic acid isoamyl acetate,Dimethyl maleate、Maleic acid diethyl ester、Maleic acid dipropyl ester、Dibutyl maleate、Maleic acid diisobutyl ester、Maleic acid dioctyl ester、Maleic acid isoamyl acetate,Maleic imide,N-Phenyl maleic imide, etc,Its product marketing throughout the country and overseas。Produced products are widely used in medicine、Pesticides、Synthetic spices、Synthetic resin plastic additives、Food additives、Chemical analysis、Electroplating and other fields。By the companyISO9000Quality system certification,Can provide customers with stable quality、Advanced technology products。

Baoji Jin Baoyu technology co., LTD2014Years3Month12Day by baoji baoyu chemical co., LTD renamed。The company will continue to uphold the business philosophy of baoyu company,To provide high quality products and excellent service to customers,The advantage of hydrogenated products by itself,Undertake processing and customized products,In order to realize the equality and reciprocity、Common development。