Xuancheng three houses the company party、Victims of the worker and grow together
      From the first9The typhoon“He”Impact,8Month9Since last Thursday,Torrential rains in our city,Local torrential rain to the rainstorm。Due to rainfall concentration、Strength..
·Director of municipal councils ShengHao to Westwood namesCProject research..2019.01.18
·The mayor dong-yun zhang、The standing committee of the communist party、Executive vice mayor Wang Qian line carefully..2018.11.20
·Every child is an angel-“June 1”Sympathy, special education center2018.06.01
·I made two projects the company declare the city“Yuengling cup(In high quality..2018.04.20
    Xuancheng three houses construction group co., LTD(Formerly known as:Xuan city third construction installation engineering co., LTD)Founded in 1972,2000In the restructuring is a limited liability company,Legal representative Liang Jiahong。Enterprise qualification:Building engineering construction general contracting level、Architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade b、Municipal public engineering construction general contracting level、Water resources and hydropower engineering general contracting grade 3、Steel structure project specialized contracting grade 3、Environmental protection project specialized contracting grade 3、Construction labor services, etc。 Companies registered capital10050Ten thousand yuan,Fixed assets of more than hundred million yuan,Existing each kind of technical workers2368People,Professional technical management personnel315People,One of them:Held high、The intermediate title12....[More and more>>]
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