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The company advantage

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Company introduction
Hefei shield door control equipment co., LTD  Hefei shield Ann door control equipment co., LTD. The factory is located in hefei in anhui ,5000Square factory processing,The main products of company kiosks,Ticket booth,Public security sentry box,Stainless steel box,Security control box,Community control box,Kiosks,Newsstand,The scenic area control box,Landscape control box,Traffic control box,Mobile homes and other public facilities, Kiosks and the use of the ticket booth quite extensive,Such as property、The highway、Building、The square、The security guard on duty、Inward and outward、Business unit staff canteen、Scenic park、Sports venues、The hospital、The subway station、The station waiting area、The streets、The city、Armed police on duty、The traffic police command、Road pricing、Sports venues import and export、The cashier's、The dock、Small area、The hotel、The security post engineering and various public places。   Companies adhering to the“Higher efficiency、Of better quality、A better reputation、Win the trust of users“The management idea,After years of development,Has been developed from the original single production-oriented enterprises,Development...
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Customer requirements
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Dynamic information
Box daily life bring convenience for people  Box daily life bring convenience for people,And provides a variety of security,Control box has been integrated into daily life environment, so to speak,People accustomed to the existence of the box,But when one...
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The dynamic of the industry
Strong durability mainly from box box made of materials  It is reported,Hohhot, highway toll station of three toll booths was strong winds blow,Lead to traffic jams。The box is set on the highway,With auxiliary facilities as well as the next...
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