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The latest shipment
  • Ningbo****Oil pump co., LTD,Manager zhao
    Stamping parts number to order:8Tons,Have shipment

  • Jiangsu**The contact mechanical equipment co., LTD:Mr. Li
    Order number of the flange plate:10Tons,Has been ordered。

  • Jinan**Equipment manufacturing co., LTD Contacts:Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter
    Flange blank number to order:19Tons,Have shipment。
  • The sunshine**Steel manufacturing co., LTD Contacts:Qin's manager
    Shim quantity to order:20Tons,Have shipment。

  • Jinan**Welding technology co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
    Order number of head:31Tons,Have shipment

  • Dalian**Numerical control technology co., LTD Contacts:The horse manager
    Order number pad:27Tons,Have shipment

  • Kunming**Traffic engineering co., LTD Contacts:The horse manager
    Stamping parts number to order:13Tons,Have shipment。

  • Puyang**Decoration material co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
    Order number of flange:210Tons,Have sign for it。

  • Shanghai**Hutch defends equipment co., LTD Contacts:In the manager
    Flange blank number to order:300Tons,Have sign for it。

  • Xi 'an**Automation equipment co., LTD. Contact person:Manager wang
    Gasket to order The number:2Tons,Have sign for it。

  • Harbin**Electronics co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
    Order number of head:6Tons,Have shipment

  • Shanghai**Hydraulic equipment co., LTD. Contact person:Mr. Wang
    Order number pad:3Tons,Has been ordered。

Company qualification
   Liaocheng city development zone yong constant stamping parts factory is located in the vast liaocheng in shandong province economic and technological development zone。The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient。
  Our factory is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of stamping parts、Flange、Flange blank、Gasket、Head、The cushion specialized enterprise,With independent intellectual property rights。Products are widely used in oil、Chemical industry、Light industry、Electric power、Heating、The ship、Urban construction、Oil and gas transportation and other industries,Sell well in domestic29Provinces、The city、Autonomous region,And exported to the United States、Singapore、Iran、Pakistan and other countries and regions,Is the national power、Sinopec、In the oil、Cnooc's key fittings production suppliers。
  Our factory perennial stamping processing material forQ235All kinds of specifications of the blank flange plate and flange products。The factory in“Observe credibility、Guaranteed quality”For the purpose of the enterprise,Is willing to old and new customers provide the best service。 Our main products:All kinds of machinery parts processing,Standards tighten stamping parts-Stamping parts products ,Pipe fittings processing,The size of the wafer, Processing all kinds of flange blank,Such as all kinds of cushion:The pad,Circular pad,Special-shaped pad.We strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development,Won the trust of our customers。Welcome new and old customers to negotiate orders。Service three...[More and more]
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