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One of the large flat collector supplier in south China
Solar energy
Effective energy saving
High efficiency
Easy installation
Less faults
Stable performance
The amount of water
Save a space
Company profile
Company profile
  Guangdong is the solar energy co., LTDIs located in world manufacturing city-—Dongguan city,Is a professional research、Design and produce all kinds of flat solar collector and water heater high and new technology enterprise。Through decades of focus and practice of precipitation,The company has strong technical strength,Established a flat collector sound、Mature product system,Products cover the copper aluminum composite anodic oxidation、Black chromium、Blue film and other projects collector and balcony hanging collector, and all kinds of integration and fission solar water heater,In annual sales20Square meters or more。At present our company has dozens of patents of special manufacturing technology and the core,And receivedISO 、CE 、3C 、Environmental products、Energy-saving product certification。Over the years is still the YanGuiGe、High demand,“Do conscience quality credit enterprise”Spirit of received industry recognition,Products are exported to Europe and the United States100Several countries。Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory、To guide and negotiate,To join hands in creating a low carbon 、Warm、 Happy happy new life!
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The balcony hanging industry information

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Committed to provide environmental protection and energy saving water heater products to customers
Professional research、Design、The production of various plate solar collector(Copper aluminum composite plate collector、The balcony wall-mounted solar water heater、Blue film plate solar collector、Black chrome plate solar collector、All kinds of flat solar water heater and water heater
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