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01Powerful strength and technical strength

  • In the、Senior titlesThe management cadres and engineeringTechnical personnel18NameFormedStrong technical force
  • It happened15000Square metersStandardization Two type of industrial buildings,All kinds of big、Medium gold processing、Maohan、Assembly equipment120余台

02More than 10 years of professional production experience

  • The companyWas established2005Years,Since its inception has always beenCommitted to the r&d and production of mining equipment
  • All products have passed nowISO9001International quality system certification,Produced by the company“Hongfeng brand”The machine
Xinxiang hongfeng mining equipment co., LTD|The ball mill|Cement ball mill|Lime ball mill|Rod mill|Ceramic ball mill|Ball mill manufacturers|Ball mill equipment

03Professional、Varied、High quality product line

  • The companyAlways follow the international pace,Product technology、Quality is always in line with international standards
  • The company mainly produces all kinds of big、Medium was broken To prepare、Sand production equipment、Mineral processing equipment、Grinding equipment and other products

04Quick and efficient pre-market after-sales service system

  • Hongfeng has a mining equipment co., LTDProfessional service team,24Hour rapid response
  • To help users in an all-round wayPlanning、Develop solutions、The production plan, etc。Meet the special needs of customers,Process package design for the status quo
Xinxiang hongfeng mining equipment co., LTD|The ball mill|Cement ball mill|Lime ball mill|Rod mill|Ceramic ball mill|Ball mill manufacturers|Ball mill equipment
        The main products are xinxiang hongfeng mining equipment co., LTD:The ball mill、The dryer、Rotary kiln、Cement ball mill、Sand crusher、Lime rotary kiln、The ball mill、The dryer、High quality of rotary kiln,Has won the customer's good praise!  Hongfeng mining equipment co., LTD., aim at the domestic advanced level,Innovation potential、Innovation、Continuous self-improvement、Strengthen the management,Make the enterprise gradually into the economic development in the fast lane。Have strong ability of science and technology development、Has the abundant technical force、Advanced processing equipment、Scientific testing means、......
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