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Focused on ecological green fruit

  • Considerate service

    The public online customer service,The hotline,Private WeChat customer service,Assistant to the enterprise;

    Round-the-clock service(16Hours*365Days)

  • Focus on quality

    Selective,Our high-quality orchard origin supply at home and abroad hand in hand,

    Send good buyer base,Only for your taste。

  • Bad fruit on approval

    Commitment“Bad fruit shall return”Service,Quality is our basic conditions

    All the fresh fruit,There are quality problems,48Hours all can return!

  • 100%Fresh

    Orchard habitat for straight,High quality fruit by air directly,Strict warehouse,

    Cold chain distribution,Every three days,Ensure supply of fresh。

The present is superior,Word of mouth

Our brand

More optimal fruit by search boat e-commerce company makes big fruit fresh electric business platform,Was founded2016Years;Starting from the line,The shipping quality fruit,We take seriously our every guest,Provide high quality fresh fruit,All the bad fruit48Hours are on approval!
Fruit has been focused on fruit industry,We started from the source,2017We started into the orchard origin,Field sourcing the best fruit,Let our members eat to global quality of fresh fruit!