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 Pool dedicated membrane manufacturersTai\u2019an City ziggy geotechnical material co., LTDIs engineering building materials research、Development、Production and after-sales service in one integrated enterprise,Directly under the enterprise's products include machinery、Steel and non-woven industrial products。
 Aquaculture impervious membrane manufacturersThe main products:Geomembrane、Anti-seepage film、HDPEGeomembrane、HDPEAnti-seepage film、LDPEGeomembrane、EVAGeomembrane、Anti-seepage geomembraneLotus pond aquaculture impervious membrane、Shallow water lotus pool、Anti-seepage film of bentonite waterproof blanket、GCLThe waterproof carpet、Bentonite waterproof pad、The composite geomembrane、Two cloth a membrane、A cloth membrane、Three-dimensional composite drainage network、Geotextile、Staple fiber geotextileFilament geotextile、Composite geotextile、Large room...
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In the process of construction of lotus root pool,Besides must use the special-purpose geomembrane for construction,The thickness of the geomembrane on also to have certain requirements。Only set according to the lotus root growth and practical needs...
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